Gel Nail Polish Kit Review

by Janet on July 26, 2012

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Gel Nails at Home

If you’re sick and tired of paying $40 or more per salon session to get and maintain gel nails, you’ll be happy to know there’s another option. Until now, it has been too expensive to get the supplies needed for maintaining and creating gel nails, but thanks to the quality of professional LED lights and gel nail kits available at home now, you can get great nails without shelling out the big bucks.

The benefits of gel nail polish are tremendous. The difference between regular nail polish and gel can’t be overstated – it resists chipping, lasts longer, applies more smoothly, and comes off easily. It looks more professional, and when it’s done right, needs touch-ups less frequently.

To get gel nails at home, gel nail polish kits can be used for the same results without the hassle of going to a salon, the expense of the treatment and tips to the esthetician, time lost driving to and from the appointment, and more. Gel nail polish kits usually include the curing light, an LED light that allows your nails to dry more quickly and thoroughly. They also include base coats, top coat gel, different colors of polish, nail polish remover, and more.

These gel nail kits can cost under a hundred dollars for a professional-grade kit! In just two or three gel nail applications at home, you’ll save money over getting gel nails at a salon – and when you factor in tips and the cost of gas, it’s obvious that gel nail kits are the ideal solution. Today, we will be reviewing the Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit!

The Red Carpet Manicure Difference

Gel Nails

While such kits have been just a figment of any well-groomed woman’s imagination for some time, with everyone hoping for an easier way someday, Red Carpet Manicure was the first company to launch a professional, salon-grade gel nail polish system in an at-home kit system. The founders wanted to recreate salon-quality nails at a lower price, but without compromising on your choice of color or the long-lasting nature of gel nails.

With the exclusive, portable LED light that cures nails in just seconds (much faster than traditional nails – waving your hands through the air to get them dry is tiring and very undignified!), you can be walking out the door for work in the morning with fresh new nails without worrying about waking up hours early.

The technology used in these gel nail polish kits has been popularized by a number of celebrities – Rihanna got a $5,000 24k gold manicure from Red Carpet Manicure, for example, and other celebrities like Skylar Grey and Joy Williams were seen wearing this type of polish in the recent 2012 Grammy Awards. It’s a great relief to know you finally don’t have to spend the big bucks to recreate celebrity looks – these kits are accessible to everyone.

Skylar Grey Skylar Grey using the Red Carpet Manicure System!


There are three easy steps to this product: preparation, which ensures the nail will be ready for the polish and clean, so it lasts as long as possible; care and color, which is when you decide what color you want and apply it; and finish, which ensures the color you’ve chosen will last for weeks without needing to be touched up daily like traditional nail polish.

How the Red Carpet Manicure Professional LED Light Helps You

Gel Nail Kits

While the entire line of Red Carpet Manicure products are top-notch and professional grade, the real difference is in the LED light you use. A great pro LED light will make your nails dry faster so you can be walking out the door in just one minute.

Some people try to go for the cheaper option, which is the portable LED light, but it’s really not worth it in the long run. The pro LED light is a solid investment, with a built-in timer that turns the machine off after your nails are dry, a quicker drying time, and even a longer-lasting manicure time.

There’s nothing like the Red Carpet Manicure pro gel kit. It consistently ranks between 4 and 5 stars by celebrities, stylists, and everyday consumers. The innovation behind the kit doesn’t just serve to add to the company’s reputation – it really does help you in everyday life. Most women get turned off by gel nail kits that offer only a few color selections, that don’t last long, or that seem to take too much work to apply. Classic colors and trendy shades alike are available, they will last for weeks, and they dry instantly for under a minute of inconvenience.
Remember the traditional nail polish manicures, where you had to get the esthetician to take your keys out of your purse, and had to learn to drive with your fingers off the wheel so you didn’t smear them on the way home? This hassle is no longer a problem with the pro LED nail light – it allows for fast curing times of just 45 seconds for a base coat, color, and the resilient Brilliance top coating that gives it the shine and long life of a gel nail manicure.

Red Carpet Pro LED Light Features

Gel Nails at Home

The company offers a portable LED light, but it pales in comparison to the professional light. The cost difference is not much when you compare them side by side, but the professional-grade light makes a huge difference if you’re looking to do your own gel nail manicures over the long term. Some of the best features of this light include:

* The quick drying time of the Pro LED light means you’ll be out the door in under a minute, as it takes just 45 seconds to dry.

* The Pro LED light times your nail drying so you don’t have to wait around for longer or count the seconds manually.

* Dries exactly like a professional light, since it’s essentially a home version of a salon-quality LED light that your esthetician would use to dry your nails.

* Comes with an instruction card with hints and a step-by-step guide to make gel nail application easy and quick every time.

The Reviews

When we looked up the reviews on the Pro LED light by Red Carpet Manicure, we found an overwhelming number of positive responses. It’s clearly high-quality and well-received, but we also found some cons when we looked into it, too.

Joyce DiDonato, 2012 Grammy Winner for Best Classical Vocal Solo showing off her Red Carpet Manicure!

Some of the pros include:

* The fantastic finish and glossy texture provided by the kit and the light are very popular. With this light, you don’t have to worry about smudging the nail polish before it’s done, and it really does cure the polish so it stays on your nails for weeks at a time. One reviewer said they look like “bright glass candy” – the best recommendation you can give a gel nail polish kit!

* The longevity of this polish is another huge factor in its popularity. A customer said her toenails look just as good after three weeks with no touch-ups needed! If your nails grow very fast, you might have to do them every two weeks, but since you won’t be spending upwards of $40 every salon visit, this isn’t a problem.

* Your nails stay healthy underneath the polish. Regular nail polish can make your nails feel, smell, and look terrible when the polish comes out. Instead, some reviewers have commented on how fast-growing, smooth, and healthy their nails look since switching to gel nail polish.

Some cons of this gel nail polish light include:

* If you aren’t comfortable applying your own nail polish, it can take longer to apply than regular polish. Spreading the polish on too thick is a common mistake and can result in shorter-lasting manicures.

* Some reviewers think the light might be a UV light instead of an LED light, although the manufacturer insists that it’s an LED light. If you’re concerned for the safety of UV lights, this might be worth checking into.

* It takes time to learn how to apply this polish. While it will look and feel amazing once you get the hang of it, allow yourself a session or two to get used to the unique properties of gel nail polish.

Color Collection

Gel Nail Polish


The Red Carpet Manicure pro LED light can work to cure any type of gel nail polish, but Red Carpet offers such an extensive color selection that you probably won’t need to look at any other companies! Whether you want classic or trendy colors, you can be sure to find them in the collection of 36 colors: from light “White Hot” to glittery “Glitteratzzi” (which is as much fun as it sounds!), tropical-turquoise “And the Winner Is” to fiery “Ooo La Liscious” to turn heads, every color stands out.

About eight of their colors are various shades of white or neutral colors, which is perfect for French manicures or natural-looking gel nails, and another ten or so are shades of reds or pinks, transitioning into half a dozen purples, a few blues, some darks and blacks, star-inspired or glittery colors, and more. At just $10 per bottle, it’s not hard to afford every color in the rainbow!

Nail Polish

Overall Conclusion

With very positive user reviews, a great company reputation for quality, and celebrity endorsements of the best kind (the ones who actually wear it themselves), Red Carpet Manicure seems to have found the winning combination.

If you’re looking for a starter kit online that will help you get gel nails at home, the only place online where you can find it is This website is a good bet for finding it, as you can use coupons such as one for $5 off $30, which you wouldn’t be able to use if you bought it in person, and free shipping just seals the deal.

It’s cheaper and more convenient to find any Red Carpet Manicure products online, so if you’re looking to get starter kit online or any one of the range of colors available, check out the Red Carpet Manicure line at now. You’re just a few minutes away from gorgeous, long-lasting gel nails at home!

Gel Nail Polish Kit Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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